Bore-hole inspection

    ... multi-dimensional testing of inner and outer threads, holes and bore holes.

    Flexible testing machines

    multiple testing of turned parts.

Machine vision

System integration

We are a system integrator in the field of optics and specialized in the digital machine vision. As a supplier of various methods and technologies we evaluate, design and build systems and machines to test and control serial production. Having more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing automated testing equipment for 100% control. We also hold various patents and are a recognized technology partner of the automobile industry. Aside from that we are supporting other integrators to find solutions for the challenges of industrial machine vision.

As a special machine manufacturer we are focusing on automated error control of finished parts. We develop solutions for the automotive industry and mechanical production to test parts, surfaces, bore holes, cracks, threads and their automated measuring.

Customized systems

To support the quality control of our internal production we develop, design and build test stations for turned parts or profile rolled parts. We focus on part inspection and process control of large-scale production for the automobile industry. As a recognized supplier we produce precision turned parts with a zero-defect-tolerance. Using automatized optical testing stations we reach high quality. Running production is equipped with SPC testing stations whereas data is automatically transfered into a CAQ system.

Especially when it comes to finding solutions for innovative applications we count on a broad network of partners on which we rely and enhance our competency. This way we develop modular stand-alone solutions using components that enhance and fit easily into established systems.

Systems for quality control

To assure 100% quality in producing synchronizer rings made of brass, steel or sinter metal for automobile gears we developed a complex machine for fault control of outer characteristics. Aside from digital measuring and testing of completeness we are currently developing a modern solution to control cracks in the material magnetically. This way PENTACON is the sole supplier of optical/ acoustic testing machines of German synchronizer ring manufacturers.

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